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用英语词组on onE's wAy造十个句子!!谢谢

on my way back, i saw an aacident.在回家的路上我发现一场事故

the sun is coming up now.i

on one`s way to和make one's way两个短语的意思,用法都不一样,on one`s way to是介词短语,在句中作状语。make one's way在句中作谓语。具体分析如下: on one's way to:往…去的路上。 例句: He is on his way to his school. 他在上学的...

on one's way to do sth 以某人的方式做某事 例句 1、Twenty people died on the spot and one on way to Kuqa People's Hospital. 二十人在现场,一路上库车人民医院去世。 2、Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Aug 23 and one way of spendin...

on one's way后面经常跟to do sth,意思是某人去做某事的路上。例如on her way to go to school的意思就是她去上学的路上。 on the way是在路上的意思


Even though they were lack of tools, they still found their way to have the wire attached to the wire pole. 即使缺少工具,他们仍然想到了把电线连到电线杆上的方法。

Thunder Bear will therefore have to fight his way through the forest. 雷霆熊因此要争取他的方式穿过森林。 In this action packed thrill ride, Shane must fight his way through a corrupt town and take the girl to safety. 在接下来的...

by the way 顺便说一下 in a way 在某种程度上 on the way home 在回家的路上 across the way 路对面, 街对面 over the way 路对面, 街对面 a long way off 在远处, 离得远 all the way 一路上, 沿路 从远处, 特地 自始至终 all the other way [...


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