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A music teacher wanted for the New Year's PartyAt the New Year's Party,we wanted a music teacher.He can play very good music .We can enjoy ourselves.I like listen to music so I really want such a teacher.We might have fun when ...

歌曲名:What Are We Doing 歌手:Omarion 专辑:21 B.o.B. - What Are We Doing Splendidyang It's been a long time coming And the clock says a quarter to 4 I'm feeling like it's now or never And your bodies telling me it's a go So wha...




True Romance by Citizens 【MV】Citizens! -True Romance-高清MV在线播放-音悦Tai-口袋·...

现在几点钟了?How are we doing for time?这句话在有时间限制的时候特别合适

1.what we are doing has a great importance on you. 我们正在做的事情对你有很大的重要性. importance是名词,重要性的意思, 用impoartance on sb.. 形容词是important,用important to sb. 原句意思=What we are doing is very important to yo...

what are you fucking doing的意思是:你他妈的在做什么。 例句 1.I just learned a sentence"What are you fucking doing?" 。 我刚学会了一个句子“你他妈的在干什么?”。 2.What are you fuck doing here?你他妈的到底在做什么?


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