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A music teacher wanted for the New Year's PartyAt the New Year's Party,we wanted a music teacher.He can play very good music .We can enjoy ourselves.I like listen to music so I really want such a teacher.We might have fun when ...

明天早上我们要做什么? 这是一个将来时的疑问句。

歌曲名:What Are We Doing 歌手:Omarion 专辑:21 B.o.B. - What Are We Doing Splendidyang It's been a long time coming And the clock says a quarter to 4 I'm feeling like it's now or never And your bodies telling me it's a go So wha...

正确的中文意思是:我们还够不够时间做这件事吗?同:Do we have time for that? How much time do we have left?

True Romance by Citizens 【MV】Citizens! -True Romance-高清MV在线播放-音悦Tai-口袋·...

你在干嘛? I am reading books 或 I am watching TV

通顺 这是What 引导的主语从句 What we are doing 做主语 指的是“我们当前正在做的事” 看做一个整体 (What 不是“什么”的意思)XX is very important 算是个完整的句子吧? 这句子就是把XX换成了用一个句子表达的的一件事 句子为主系表结构 系动...

Where Are We Going? 我们要去哪里? What are we dong? 我们要做什么? 原句一般没有这用法。

你好! When we are doing 当我们在做 when we are going 我们要去的时候


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